Surya Hospital in Tosham

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Looking for the best hospital in Tosham? SURYA Hospitals is a leading super speciality hospital providing world-class treatment & healthcare services in Haryana. Surya Hospitals offers comprehensive consultation and care at its Outpatient Department by expert doctors. Excellent diagnostic facilities, state-of-the-art consultation infrastructure and dedicated staff provide patients with a sensitive, understanding and advanced OPD clinic. Patients can book themselves appointments via the online booking engine on the  contact us via our helpline numbers.>01253-258047<. Unless it is an emergency situation, we encourage patients to seek an appointment and arrive at the appointed hour. This allows us to serve you in a hassle-free manner – providing you the best value for the time you spend with us.Surya Hospital in Tosham.!!!

For your first visit, please do bring along with yourself

  • Any previous medical records, X Rey,diagnostic reports and any other relevant material.
  • A caregiver, preferably a close family member or relative.
  • An open mind & willingness to pursue treatment to regain your health.

At Surya Hospitals, we believe that you as the patient and your caregivers must be at the heart of all your health-related decisions. We are facilitators and advisers and will work with you tirelessly to restore your health. It is our endeavor to see you in the pink of your health, at the earliest with the least possible inconvenience caused to your daily routine.Surya Hospital in Tosham!!!!Cheap & Safe Hospital in Tosham Haryana Near Hisar.Image result for hospital photo